Hand Forged Ironwork

The Forge

Take a step back in time and see an old-world craft being practiced behind the doors of Ponderosa Forge. We are located in the small mountain town of Sisters on the eastern slope of the Oregon Cascades.

We take pride in using traditional methods of blacksmithing to produce hand-forged ironwork that replicates the craft of a bye-gone era, a time when “hand-made” was the only way!

Nothing compares to the sound of hammers striking iron and the feel of the intense heat as we transform iron bars into beautiful works of art. You’ll see old-world practices and craftsmanship just as it was done in the mid-1800s. In fact, some of our machinery dates back that far!

The look and feel of true hand-forged ironwork is different than mass-produced, painted or powder-coated cast iron and fabricated steel. All of our products are finished with a natural patina -- age-old wax and oil finishes. And, of course, they last and last.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." If you can't find what you are looking for in our hand-forged product line give us a call, and we will design something to fit your needs

Our work is featured in some of the finest destinations resorts, lodges and restaurants, plus hundreds of homes throughout the nation. Take a look at Our Projects to view some of our products and custom creations in their natural setting.

When you want the best of the best, consider a hand-forged, handcrafted iron product from your friends at Ponderosa Forge

Custom Work

The Blacksmiths Tale of the 8th Nail

In the early 1800's the devil traveled the earth in various disguises. Once while disguised as a horse, he happened to throw a shoe. He went into the village blacksmith to have it replaced. The blacksmith, being a good Christian, recognized the horse as the devil and proceeded to teach him a lesson.

The burly man tied the devil up close and began nailing a hot shoe on the devils hind foot with every nail in the quick. On the 7th nail the devil was crying with great agony and pain and pleaded with the blacksmith not to drive the 8th nail, and if he didn't he would be granted any wish.

The blacksmith thought for a moment and then said to the devil, "You shall never enter a house with a horseshoe over the door". The 8th nail was not driven, the wish was granted, and the devil has kept his word to this day.