Lets get your Custom Doors Started

The warmth and usability of your fireplace will be enhanced greatly by a set of hand-forged fireplace doors from Ponderosa Forge. Our doors are in lodges and homes across the country, and every set is unique in design. We build a Mason's Frame to be used in new construction to make an easy installation while providing a built-in look. Fireplace doors for existing openings are readily retrofitted with the aid of our "retrofit fireplace door worksheet" along with pictures and phone conversations.

You can design your own fireplace doors with many choices of handles, hinges, frame textures, door accents, steel or copper rivets, and any other custom design you may want.

The screen doors are built with a heavy woven-wire screen. If heat loss is of concern we provide our trademark "closure panels." These powder-coated metal panels are inserted behind the screen doors when you are done enjoying your fire. We also build glass doors with optional drapery screens.

We have built fireplace doors for virtually every application imaginable so give us a call and send us some pictures of your fireplace opening. You too can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fireplace with a set of hand-forged fireplace doors by Ponderosa Forge.

Existing Fireplace or New Construction?

Existing Fireplace - Retrofit Doors

Here at Ponderosa Forge, we pride ourselves in the ability to create a set of fireplace doors for your existing opening, custom made, to fit INSIDE the rock or brick opening creating a built-in look and feel. Most manufacturers of fireplace doors have stock sizes that you can order that are mounted on the outside face of your masonry fireplace. At best this looks like an afterthought and the craftsmanship of the mason is covered up around the fireplace opening, compromising the overall look of your fireplace. Simply email us with close-up pictures of your fireplace opening showing the details of the sides, the top and the bottom, including the hearth to info@ponderosaforge.com. We will then guide you through the measuring process to ensure a seamless fit for your fireplace.



New Construction - Mason's Frame

We supply a unique "Mason's Frame" for new construction that makes installation of our fireplace doors a snap! The frame is simply installed in front of the firebox prior to the masonry veneer.

Arched openings are easily created using our Mason's Frame and the curve of the arch is your choice. For rectangular openings there is no need for an angle iron lintel because the Mason's Frame will support the weight of the rock above the opening. The rockwork is then stacked and mortared directly around the perimeter of the frame. The depth of the Mason's Frame is built 1" to 2" less than the depth of your stone or brick, allowing the edge of the masonry around the opening to be seen. This creates a finished look that you won't get with one-size-fits-all factory-made doors that are built larger than the opening and installed in front of the rockwork, thus covering up the Mason's fine craftsmanship. Simply fill in the blanks on the "Mason's Frame Worksheet", send it back and we will do the rest.

For more on Mason's Frames



Door options















Choose from our large assortment of hand-forged handles. Each one is made individually by our blacksmiths. They are built with mortise-and-tenon joinery attaching the handle to the top and bottom flange. This is an age-old method of joinery not seen in modern-day manufacturing. The handles are attached to the frame using your choice of copper or steel rivets.

We also do custom designs, so send us a sketch or picture of what you are looking for and we will build your one-of-a-kind handles.




Drawing Die



Light stone

Choose from our assortment of hand-hammered textures. We start out with 1/4" thick flat bar stock that is from 1-1/4" wide to 2" wide depending on the size of your fireplace, and how heavy or bold you want the frame to look. We have textures that are rough, smooth, refined, or very old looking. Each piece of bar stock is heated to 2000 degrees in a forge, then hammered under 125-year-old mechanical forging hammers to create the texture. Then the piece is brought to the anvil and using a hand-hammer, it is chamfered and straightened. The corners are then lapped and riveted together using copper or steel rivets of your choice.

Optional Closure panels

Many people are concerned about heat loss up the chimney of their fireplace. This is a very worthy concern and we have developed an excellent way of dealing with this issue. We see many requests for glass doors to solve this issue, but the problems associated with glass doors far outweigh their advantages. The traditional look of the fireplace is lost with glass doors, they are constantly needing cleaning, (which is no easy chore), and if a log rolls out and contacts the glass, they break. A drapery screen is normally used behind the glass doors, and then the doors are left open which compromises the look of your fireplace. Drapery screens have a tendency to sag and deform after a few years allowing sparks to exit your fireplace.

The heavy woven wire that we use in our fireplace doors allow the fire to be viewed very well. The heat comes through the screen doors better than drapery screens or glass. The fire is burned with these screen doors shut, allowing maximum protection from sparks.

The closure panels are made from 18-gauge sheetmetal and powder-coated with a high-heat charcoal-colored coating. They are inserted into small flanges behind the doors prior to retiring for the evening. The fire is then left to burn out with the peace of mind that the fireplace is completely sealed off from your living space. The "chimney effect" of your warm flue will not be able to pull the air from your house, instead, it will draw from the outside air intake (if there is one).

The closure panels stay relatively clean, because the chimney is trying to draw air from the house, but can't. You can remove them when you are ready to build your next fire and store them nearby in a closet or a place of your choice.

Hinges or Accents













Our hand-forged hinges are built with a brass pin and washer that will never bind or sag. They are attached with your choice of copper or steel rivets, and there are several designs to choose from.

Some of our door accents are incorporated into the hinges, like the craftsman or mission grid, the double "L" detail, the gusset detail, etc. Other door accents are fastened to the screen allowing you to change them if you want something different in the future.

Custom-made door accents are gladly created by our blacksmiths, so send us any sketch or picture of something that you may want made, and we will design and craft something for your fireplace that is uniquely for your home.

How To Order

If you are interested in ordering a set of our custom, hand-forged fireplace doors, please contact us to get started with the design process. Some of the things we will need to know include:

  • Do you have a new construction or an existing fireplace?
  • Have you picked out frame textures, handles, hinges, etc.?
  • Do you have your own unique design in mind?
  • How thick is your stone work?
  • Would you like glass or screen doors?
  • Would you like arched or rectangle doors?

This list should help you get started in the planning of your new set of hand-forged fireplace doors; we look forward to hearing from you!