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Wine Chain Leaf Link

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Wine Chain Leaf Link

This wine chain link, with a very realistic forged grape leaf, is normally purchased along with the standard wine bottle link.  They form a chain that beautifully spirals downward with each bottle rotating about 60 degrees.  Remove any bottle and the chain is not compromised.  Make sure to put your favorite bottles of wine at the top where they are out of reach, unless you think you may be tempted to climb the chain after drinking the lower bottles. A ladder is recommended if this temptation takes over.

These links are hand forged out of 5/16" diameter hammer textured round stock.  Finely crafted with a notch in each link that the following link hooks into, creating a symmetrical spiral downward.

Natural wrought iron patina with wax finish.

Ceiling hooks are available to hang your wine bottle chain. Extension links are also available for high ceilings so you can reach the top link.

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