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Standard Fireplace Grate

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These heavy fireplace grates are built to withstand the test of time and the hottest of fires!  The grate bars are forged from 1" square iron bar with hammered end details.  There is 3-1/2" clearance at the center of the grate, in case a log lighter is used.  Natural iron patina.

5 BAR: front width-24", back width-18",depth-19"(46 lbs)

6 BAR: front width-27",back width-21",depth-19"(57 lbs)

7 BAR: front width-33",back width-25",depth-19"(68 lbs)

8 BAR: front width-37",back width-26",depth-19"(74 lbs)

9 BAR: front width-43",back width-33" depth-19"(82 lbs)


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3 Reviews

Frank 23rd Jan 2021

Great Grate

Bought one two years ago and recently bought another one. Outstanding quality. The guys also performed a custom tweak for me by adding a mid span support to alleviate any sagging due to use over time. Great product ... even better service. Thanks

21st Jan 2018

the beast

Just received an 8 bar fire grate. 70 lbs of steel bar. It will be for my outdoor fireplace. We burn eight 24" inch logs or more at a time continuously for 8 hrs at a time. The fire will melt beer bottles. We'll see how it holds up by next year this time. I'm optimistic with this one though. 1" square steel bar should handle it

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