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Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

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Ingredients: One Rail-Spike (full of history), One Hot Fire, One Bucket of Water, One Microbrew of your choice

Tools Needed:  Anvil, Hammer and Tongs, Slitting Tool, Drift, Punch

 Directions: Add spike to fire, cool microbrew to 37 degrees , heat spike until bright orange, bring spike to anvil, using hammer draw and taper in the middle of spike leaving full size on both ends.  Slit and drift hole in working end of tool.  Put hole over the horn of the anvil and enlarge to 1/1/4" in diameter.  Using a small punch push out cap grabber inside circle.  Quench in bucket of water.  Open cold microbrew and enjoy.


Length 13-1/2"

Natural wrought iron finish


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