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Railroad Spike Fire Poker

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Ingredients:  One "used" railroad spike (full of history), one piece of 5/8" square iron bar (history unknown).


 Tools needed:  Hammer, anvil and forge.


Directions:  Place both ingredients in forge, heat to 2000 degrees, bring out and forge weld together (a process commonly used 100 years ago).  Draw into a long taper about 33" long.  Then mark at 3" from pointed end, fold at mark, forge weld, then draw to taper again.  Finish by wire brushing surface while still hot, then add wax coating while still warm.  Enjoy forever!


Dimensions: 30" long


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1 Review

Beth McCoy 1st Jan 2015

Great Christmas gift!!!

I was searching for a fire poker for my husband for Christmas but wanted one well made and made in America. Searching on line I found Ponderosa Forge and found the railroad spike fire poker! I watched the video of how they are made and decided to order. My husband loves it!!! We are very pleased with the quality workmanship of this product and highly recommend this company! Thank you so much!

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